August 2020 snaps

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These girls have become inseparable recently. Selena says they are best friends, it's so cute 🥰

I've been trying my best to keep Caleb busy now that camp is over. On days my work allows it, I'll plan an outing for us so he's not just sitting around playing video games all day.

My little tiny baby turned TWO!!!

She loved her cake, loved her gifts, basically loved all the attention :)

We found a skeleton one day on a walk! Pretty cool!

Outing at the science center

Very hot day at the zoo!

Taking walks and giving hugs :)

Caleb's an Uno champ.

Grabbing frozen yogurt and walking up and down the Loop, learning about pedestrian rules and how to properly walk across the street, what a block is, what is an intersection, how to tell north-south-east-west, and appreciating art

The day after a storm, we went down to Creve Coeur lake and saw so many broken trunks and branches, which led to discussions about plant life and death. This kid is so smart and observant, I feel so lucky to get to spend all this time with him!

And at the end of each day, I put all the kiddos to bed and get my hour+ at the gym. Pretty proud of these mom muscles!

Also very proud of my rose bush; that baby has grown so much in just 1 year! I'm gonna have to trim it back before it takes over the whole yard next year! ha

Las best friends 💜💚

Caleb trying cotton candy for the first time, and Selena making her debut as "SUPER Selena"

Old clothes: pulling Selena's hand-me-downs out of the basement for Jasmine to wear (she was VERY excited about the Minnie dress)

New clothes: A sweater knitted by Dee ready for fall!

I went ALL out of my comfort zone and baked empanadas from scratch, taking from a recipe I remember my mom using back when I was a kid and modifying a bit. They were a hit at a dinner we attended with my boss and his family, yay :)

Chocolate chip cookies were store-bought... as a backup in case my empanadas flopped, ha.

This cutie 💗😍🥰💕

Every once in a while, Ben joins us at the park and gets a good run-around, haha

Last day of the month was the first day of school for all the kiddos! Selena started her second year of pre-kinder, all virtual for the time being and only a couple of days a week because of my work schedule, but she seems to be alright with it.

Caleb started 1st grade, all day virtual 5 days a week, but also seems to have adjusted fairly well.

And my littlest baby, my pulguita, transitioned from the toddlers class to the tots class (2-3.5 years). Her new teachers said she had a great first day, no trouble adjusting to her new classmates or classroom at all!

Despite all the challenges, this familia is hanging in there!

Video clips here!

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Awesome set! Love them all!

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