September 2020

by Jess Fw October. 06, 2020 242 views

How is virtual school going? Well...

It's been a challenge to keep Caleb engaged. We were off to a rough start, even having a couple of incidents that required disciplinary action. Later in the month, we had Caleb tested and discovered he is functioning at a 3rd grade level, with an IQ of 130; so it is no wonder he is just not motivated or interested in the basics of 1st grade :(
With that information, Caleb has been accepted into the gifted program (yay), but because of current restrictions, he can't really participate (boo)... so anyway... yeah. We're all doing our best.

The girls are doing just fine. Their daycare program is fun, engaging, and keeps them active and learning all day. Twice a week, I pull Selena out of daycare for one-on-one virtual speech therapy and occupational therapy. It's tough on my schedule but I keep telling myself, it is all temporary!

We completed a community service project this month, putting hygiene kits together for charity. The kids asked a lot of questions and we got to talk about doing good for others and taking care of people with what we have.

Lots of park time this month, with the weather cooling down a bit :)

First time I used bubbles in the bath since Jazzy was born. She was intrigued!

All the kids had their wellness appointments this month. Selena had her "kindergarten" shots but did not cry at all! Big girl!

Ben bought an early birthday present for Caleb and they've been riding nonstop all month :P

Hair first thing in the morning vs after I get a few rubber bands in there :)

This little bitty baby thinks she is all grown up. She decided to start potty training all on her own, and she refuses to sit in her high chair anymore.

These girls are already partners in crime! Getting a hold of my makeup and applying on each other! hahaha

Hello FALL :) my favorite season!

Video clips here ;)

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