December 2020

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After serving us well for 13 Christmases, our old tree retired and we upgraded to a new one. On to the next 13 Christmases! 😋

Of course we needed new ornaments as well. I read somewhere of a family tradition where each kid picks out an ornament each year, so here we are, starting the tradition in our family.

Gotta take advantage of those warm-ish days, since they are few and far between this time of year.

Santa kept a social distance this year but the kids were still excited to see the sleigh 🎅🏽

We shifted things around upstairs so that the girls are now sharing a room. I didn't want to change the paint color but did brighten it up with wallpaper and some pops of decor. These pictures are not what the final version is but you get the idea :)

Caleb and I are now sharing a room also— he does his virtual/individual schoolwork from underneath his new loft bed while I sit at my desk on work from home days. He wanted a space theme, of course 👨🏽‍🚀🚀

Cat did her thing this month, crashing Caleb's virtual class sometimes and picking out a new napping spot under the Christmas tree.

My sister's apartment is a refuge on those days when we just need to GO somewhere, haha, and it's too cold to be outside.

Selena has never had a haircut. I decided it was time because it was getting harder and harder to untangle the ends of her curls. So I semi-straightened her hair with a flat iron (on the lowest setting) so I could get an even trim. She did NOT like her hair straight! I'm so glad she loves her curls. I love them too 💜

Papa and Tita visiting the week of Christmas! yayayayayayayyyyy

Christmas crafting. Caleb says he made a reindeer "but you have to really LOOK for it," he said. Selena followed all the instructions meticulously for a perfect Santa sweater.

Jazzy went with an "ALL IN" theme, haha! We've been watching the Trolls movies [over and over and over and over] this month, so I made a Cloud Guy sweater 😁

Christmas morning with my preciosos hijitos

How will I EVER get her out of this costume she loves?! ha

Nail polishing

Very cold day but we took advantage of downtown being just about empty to get some tourist pictures. So fun!

Girls back in school, but Caleb still on winter break, so I found a few things to keep him busy. This place is so cool, it was our second visit but found a whole new set of activities to do.

Finished off 2020 with our own countdown and "happy new year!" celebration. Music, shouting, and silly string everywhere! Goodbye 2020!

[Note: Ben has had a VERY busy month... so even though he's not in any of the pictures he is still very much "in the picture," haha]

Video clips for the month are here

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