38th Groundhog Day

by Jess Fw February. 05, 2021 141 views

I was feeling really depressed the week before my birthday. But the day before, I made up my mind to MAKE it a good day... by doing a silly Snapchat story 🙈

I wrote out a list of what I'd want to do for myself and then set off to make it happen... on a budget lol. First on the list: 2 of my favorite things— coffee and flowers. I splurged on Starbucks instead of my usual coffee at home, and picked out a bouquet of fat pale pink roses. I had already "encouraged" the kids to make birthday cards for me over the weekend so those were ready to go! hahaha

Since it was a Tuesday, I did have to actually work, ha. That's ok, I like work! Then I slapped on some lipstick and met Lyds for lunch.

Korean, yum!! (I ended up having the leftovers for dinner... and lunch the next day)

It was sunny and not windy, so even at a balmy 37 degrees, Caleb and I had a very nice walk around the neighborhood.

"Manicure" was on my birthday list... but even on a birthday, I can't throw my budget out the window, ha. Not to be discouraged, I went home and did it myself during a work conference call. Been really neglecting my poor nails in this pandemic 😅

Brewed myself some tea (a gift from my manita), and found the energy after making dinner for the family to hit the gym. I stayed a little longer than usual to enjoy a nice long chair massage.

A few days later (today) and my roses have bloomed, I received a few more cards, my manicure still looks amazing, and the gift I bought for myself (woven Mexican blouse) arrived in the mail, woohoo!

So thankful for 38 years and all the little pleasures that make life special. 🥳

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