January 2021

by Jess Fw February. 05, 2021 135 views

Happy 2021! Here we go...

A few snowflakes came down on New Year's Day.

Jasmine is showing NO signs of self-weaning from the pacifier. I may actually need to intervene, ugh

Cousin playtime on Sydney's birthday.

I took a picture of Selena to turn into a "Student of the Week" poster project. Mi bella! 🥰

On MLK Day, Lyds and I volunteered. First sorting and packing groceries, then handing out children's books.

My first attempt at a D&D game with Lyds and Rachel. It was very interesting!

Cold temperatures have kept us indoors. We've been home every weekend but I did take Caleb out a few times during his "independent learning" days

First decent snowfall of the season had us going down the park hill over and over and over

That's not a lake or anything, it's just a shallow crater. So I let Caleb slide around on the ice for a while 🤭

We got started on Valentine's Day cards really early, because I thought it was going to take several days for Selena to put the whole card/sticker/candy/writing combo together for 21 kids, but she zoomed through it all in one sitting!

Jasmine's weekend mood 😂

It was a tough month for me. Here's hoping for a better 2021...

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