February 2021

by Jess Fw March. 07, 2021 115 views

Jazzy's classroom valentine treats

My Chelly turning FIVE! 😭

...and Cat turned eleven this month too!

Trying our best to have a non-party birthday party, haha

More Valentine's crafting, just for us :)

We had 4 snow days this month, whew! Can't remember us having THAT many since the kids started school. Lots of snow time but also, lots of staying inside 😅

For a few days it was just TOO cold to play! Well not for uncle Bernie, though haha

As soon as there was a bit of sunshine, though, we were out. I've always loved playing in the snow, so watching my kids love playing in the snow is so so awesome.

Over the course of several days we shoveled, threw, sled, snowman-ed, angel-ed, buried, and even ATE snow 😂

We're getting a little more adventurous about going "out" to places we used to frequent. Feeling cautiously optimistic about this year...

Oh how we've missed our parks!

Selena accidentally swallowed her first loose baby tooth, oops! She kept asking when are we going to give her a new tooth??

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Shirleas 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the story and pictures! Always a joy!

3 months, 2 weeks ago Edited
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