Tokyo Here And There

by Yokai April. 30, 2010 4334 views

Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower

a building of Fuji Television



a view from Tocho in Shinjuku 1

a view from Tocho in Shinjuku 2

Mt. Fuji and fishermen

Koishikawa Korakuen 1

Koishikawa Korakuen 2

Koishikawa Korakuen 3

“The Thinking Man” by Rodin

performance on the street


Tokyo Dome

Yagiri-no-watashi (=ship)

F-22 Stealth in Yokota Air Base

cheer girls

Jindai-ji Temple in Chofu City 1

Jindai-ji Temple in Chofu City 2

at Kitaro-chaya

Neko-musume in Chofu City

a bridge made of wood


in Ueno Park

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Lynn 7 years ago

SUPER!!! Fantastic collection of images...great work :))

7 years ago Edited
Giancarlo Fosci 7 years ago

beautiful series,nice places

7 years ago Edited
Pandka 7 years ago

Great set my friend!

7 years ago Edited
Jothindra Paranji 7 years ago

Very interesting collection. Your city seems to be so neat. Any special thing about the last one? Dressing up a tree!?

7 years ago Edited
Jimmie Li 7 years ago

Nice set, I have been the Bay Bridge and Tokyo Tower...the last one more like a sexy lady leg haaaa...

7 years ago Edited
Brenda Nelson 7 years ago

I love the beauty and the "life" in these shots. Quite a varied collection, but each well-taken and interesting. You are an artist with a camera!! (These cities are SO populated - we live in a town of 12,000!)
Thanks for your nice comment on my "nebula" post - I knew someone else would see that in the shots!

7 years ago Edited
Christa 7 years ago

Konishiwa Yokai, you live in a fantastic city, where the ancient and the modern are respected, as so as the nature (even the trees have fashion socks) :)))

7 years ago Edited
Andrealolita 7 years ago

I like #4, 5, & 14

7 years ago Edited
Tomie Poodle 7 years ago

great and wonderful views!!

7 years ago Edited
Gonia 7 years ago

pretty, Iprefer old city, I can't live in such modern places.

7 years ago Edited
Art Bee 7 years ago

Wow! Fantastic photos! Thanks for the tour of Tokyo Yokai!

7 years ago Edited