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Tamatsukuri Shrine is in Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo. Lots of flowers called “fuji” are at their best in May. Kagura is the oldest type of Japanese theater.…

Japanese fireworks are designed to burn with colored flames and sparks. In Japan, we have many events of fireworks in summer.

The weather was horrific in Japan this summer. Thunder, lightning, heavy rain and high winds… But we had only a few tyhoons.

I took these pictures in January. Swans come from Siberia, Russia. If winter comes, can swans be far behind?  :->

I enjoyed the autumn foliage in the suburbs of Tokyo to my heart's content. Beautiful leaves and beautiful models made me happy.

I took these summer festival photos in August. Madoka and Ai are TV stars in Japan. 昨年、埼玉県の蕨市(わらびし)で行われた「機(はた)まつり」でのショットです。 モデルはタレントの市川円香さんと神崎藍さんです。 My Yahoo…

Thank you for your visit!(^^)! Hikawa Shrine is in the suburbs of Tokyo. There is a small zoo near the shrine. If you leave me a message, I'll visit you later.

Nikko has beautiful natural scenery. Many tourists visit to view the autumn leaves in October. お気軽にコメントを残していってくださいね。 (Please feel free to leave a message.)

I enjoyed autumn festival in the suburbs of Tokyo. Nothing is more fun than lifting off slowly in the gondola of a beautiful hot air balloon.

Do you want to take pictures of race queens or event companions? I'll tell you how. 1. Buy the ticket. 2. Ask them politely, “May I take a picture?” That's all…
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