Iceland Trip // Arriving in Reykjavík // Part One

by Yoshi Saura December. 04, 2018 440 views
Icelandic Krona

Icelandic Krona

This past September (2018 year) marks Shibe and I's first vacation outside of the USA. A historic event, for Shibe had prior, never left the country. It was only a year before that he rode his very first airplane.

He's been addicted to traveling ever since!

Our first destination: Iceland.

I planned our Icelandic adventure a year ahead of schedule. Iceland has been one of my top biggest travel destinations on my bucket list for years.

So here we are, making dreams come true.

Wish this was in focus, but you get the idea

Wish this was in focus, but you get the idea

Aurora Borealis from my airplane window

Aurora Borealis from my airplane window

Almost there

Almost there

When we finally arrived in Keflavík, Iceland, I thought I would have a lot more energy from the adrenaline rush of travel. I couldn't have been more wrong as it took every once of energy I had to keep myself awake.

Time zones affect me really badly.

The result was very few photos taken with my Sony. (Sony A7rii)

I have no regrets though, because I was making sure to snap to my Snapchat story, keeping friends back home updated.

It was too early for anything to be open when we arrived, and we were both very tired and hungry. So we ended up taking a nap in the car in a Costco parking lot before it opened.

After we had a Costco hotdog, and picked up some food for our stay, we still had way too much time on our hands before check-in to our hotel, and not enough energy to do much.

We ended up walking around downtown Reykjavík just to keep awake.

We ended up finding a few places that sold Cold Brew Coffee, a very recent obsession of ours. When you're incredibly sleep deprived, it doesn't help much. I think I chugged two of these and still ended up passing out.

In retrospect, it was probably a very bad idea to consume caffeine while trying to get over jetlag.

I have no regrets. That Cold Brew was delicious

And of course, I was more stoked than anything to find the Hand knitting Association of Iceland while in downtown Reykjavík; a little shop that comes highly rated by many tourists for purchasing your very own traditional hand knit lopapeysa.

When we first entered the shop, it was very small. If you plan on trying on a bunch of lopi's, beware! If there are a lot of people shopping it becomes very crowded!

We were sort of pushed out of the shop shortly after we arrived. There was a German lady being followed by two giant cameras who kind of took over the shop. So I was forced to decide quickly and get out.

I was honestly just glad that I found a lopapeysa design that I liked.

Reykjavík, Iceland at night from our hotel room

Reykjavík, Iceland at night from our hotel room

And with that it was time for rest. We ate our Costco foods, charged our batteries, and readied ourselves for the adventure that lies ahead.

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