Winter Storm Maya

by Yoshi Saura February. 10, 2019 900 views

We woke up yesterday to snow splattered windows around the entire house.

The snow from the neighbor's roof had been blown off, landing in our small enclosed yard, so deep that it came up past my knees.

It was difficult to capture the magnitude of the blizzard as it howled through the valley. We sat by the window watching it for a while, seeing not a single car, awestruck buy Maya's ferocity. Who would be insane enough to drive through this?

Over 900 people lost power Maya ripped through.

A Brief Calm

The worst of the winter blizzard has come and gone, or at least so I believe.

We woke to yesterday's ghost town replaced with the bustling of people outside. Their puffy jackets, winter beanies and mittens holding snow shovels as everyone collectively work on cleaning off the sidewalks and driveways.

But tonight it's supposed to snow again.

And tomorrow it's supposed to snow seven inches.

Maya will say hello, once again.

Our cat wanted to go outside so badly. Our screen door was frozen shut, and even after we worked it open, he wouldn't go outside.

I swept off the first step to entice him.

The snow is soft and light. When he tried to step, he sunk in. Poor guy.

I took him out front for a bit until my hands could no longer stand the cold.

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