Anniversary Computer Build // Part Two

by Yoshi Saura March. 09, 2019 530 views
Before Pre-treatment

Before Pre-treatment

Pre-Treatment for Opulence

Pictured here is the first time we put liquid into Opulence. (Ada’s pre-treatment was in Part One) The treatment requires 72 hours of scrubbing and cleaning before draining and flushing. Then the colored liquid can be added in.

After Pre-treatment

After Pre-treatment

Boxes Everywhere

So here's what the living room looked like after two weeks. Only a third of the mess is pictured here.

Office Aesthetics

During the 72 hour pre-treatment, we worked on cable management and office decor. We bought colored sound proofing, and worked on ambient lighting.

Color Liquid Time for Ada

Taco Bell for late nights as we worked. Always sounds like a good idea at first but doesn’t feel that way after.

First, Shibe will need to drain his computer of the pre-treatment. Then he will be able to fill it with his colored liquid.

Black Armory Decor

With the liquid in, it was easier for him to visualize the theme he wanted to commit to. This is when he decided he was going for Black Armory decor, a DLC expansion for Destiny 2. The main theme is black and red, and uses the symbols and weapon decor

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