Anniversary Computer Build // Part Three

by Yoshi Saura March. 14, 2019 655 views

Fluid Flush

After 72 hours, it was time to flush out all the pre-treatment and add in the colored fluid. Special thanks to my husband for picking up my camera to take a few photos!

Ada's Do-Over

At the same time Shibe's custom cable's arrived, he decided that he wanted to re-do some of his bends. His CPU wasn't seated correctly, and he was getting hotter temps than he should have. He also wanted to flip his top radiator around so that he could change up how everything flows.

It was a very tedious and delicate process that took him all day to complete. But he is happy with his new bends, and his CPU is running at proper temps now!

In the Meantime

In the meantime, Opulence is waiting for custom cables through CableMod, as well. I've been told that production and shipping is a lengthy process so I've been holding out patiently. (It's been two weeks!) While I wait, I've been slowly adding more decor (and more storage space). We've also both been playing on them religiously while figuring out the perfect overclocking settings. I hear this can take a while to get them just right.

Heatsink for M.2 PCie Adapter.

Heatsink for M.2 PCie Adapter.

More decor to come!

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