Anniversary Computer Build // Part Four

by Yoshi Saura April. 29, 2019 365 views

It's been a month and some change, waiting for custom sleeved cables.

After some complications, I had to cancel from the original company we went with, and order from someone else.

When those cables arrived, what they considered "purple" to me, was red.

I was pretty devastated, having been waiting for so long.

We decided that we'd sleeve with the correct color, ourselves.

DIY sleeving isn't so bad. It just requires patience, time, and tools.

If I had known how easy it was in the first place, i probably would have opted to sleeve them entirely.

That's okay though, I'll be prepared for next time!

The cables still took too long to arrive. Unfortunately, it was too late for my liquid. It almost completely lost it's pigment, and I am now forced to change it to a regular liquid.

For those who didn't know, the liquid pictured above is a "show" liquid, with the purpose of showing off your custom build. It's not meant to be a full time coolant.

Originally we thought we would be getting the custom sleeved cables sooner, so that we could take a final photo of the complete build, but I already told that story!

There was a lot of foam gunk around the reservoir lid.

Before vs after

Before vs after

I have to run some system reboot for about 24h. Then it has to be flushed, and a pre-treatment needs to be ran for another 24h before I can put the final color of liquid back in.

We are so close to being finished with Opulence once and for all!!!

Build Complete: Opulence

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