Friendsmas 2019

by Yoshi Saura December. 26, 2019 553 views
Mikka is stoic

Mikka is stoic

Merry Holiday's, everyone!

This year we did our small annual Secret Santa with a small group comprised of friends who do not have families in-town to celebrate with.

Funny story, we want to be able to host a larger group, a thought that has crossed our minds multiple times. This time last year we were looking at a house we *really* wanted. When it was sold before we got the chance, we decided to wait a bit before house hunting again. That very house is going up for auction because the owners couldn't pay their mortgage. If only we were rich enough to make a bid...

Anyway, maybe something good while come of that, who knows?

I said I was going to glue my camera to my hand. And though I did take a lot of pictures, I still feel like it wasn't enough. I didn't even cover gift un-wrapping. heh!

Baby steps. I'll get back into the photblogging habit with time. I just need the practice!

Reiver got a cotton candy maker. It worked out quite well, and we are pleased that he enjoyed it so much!

Of course we always hang around and just play some games, watch a movie, order some take-out.

Scoofy and Chili slept most of the night.

It was a great time.

Looking forward to next year, maybe in a bigger house?

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