Two Days Without Internet

by Yoshi Saura December. 31, 2019 530 views

A day ago, Charter Spectrum internet customers experienced internet outages in central Washington State. Speeds slowed down to slower than the dial-up days, making it agonizingly slow to load anything.

Forget streaming Hulu, or Netflix, or any YouTube video for that matter.

Yeah, I know, #firstworldproblems, amirite?

We didn't suffer, though. We spent both days playing board games with our other internet-less friends!

Day 1 we played Betrayal at House on Hill. Day 2 (which I didn't take any photos for some reason. IDK it just happens, I forget to use my camera, which is super dumb of me...) we played Magic the Gathering: Commander.

We took Chili to the store, who wanted to buy us some grub. He made us some bomb slow cooked chicken tacos. That was really nice of him!!! (Again, shoulda took photos...)

The internet was eventually fixed. We occasionally see packet loss, at which we assume comes with whatever fixes they are applying to their services. Fingers crossed that they do not fail us for New Years!

Hammer Threats from Scoofy

Hammer Threats from Scoofy

I also realized this will officially be my last post of 2019, also making it the last post of the decade!

And what a decade it has been!!!

I'll be posting a New Years 2020, for sure, with my thoughts included!

Everyone: have a safe and happy new year!

Our town is lit up with christmas lights still!

Our town is lit up with christmas lights still!

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Berckmans Peter 1 year, 3 months ago

If my daughtet looses internet, she will go Beserk.

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