Happy Birthday, Yoshi (the cat)

by Yoshi Saura May. 04, 2020 456 views

I know today is May the 4ourth and all that, but more importantly it's this big guy's 12th birthday.

Over the past few months, we've seen a decline in his health (weight loss, excessive drinking of water etc). And this could very well be the last birthday we are able to celebrate with him. I like to think that we make every day of his little kitty life special, but today we made it even more so.

We took him outside, one of his favorite activities! He mostly just wandered around aimlessly trying to take in as many smells as he can!

I tried to order him some cat grass, but due to the Covid19 pandemic, it wasn't able to arrive in time for his birthday.

That's okay, because that just means he'll have another treat when it finally gets here.

Using a box of plain mashed potatoes, tuna water, and a canned wet food, I made him a birthday treat!

I am so thankful to have this cat in my life. He's been my best friend for 12 years. He has spent a lot of his 9 lives already, very early on. But here's to hoping he's got one or two in him left!

Love you, Yoshi. Happy Birthday!

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