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I have gone on my first photo-walk (just taking the camera and going out to take photos) in 2011, when I was in Finland for a year. Since then I enjoyed it more and more. I have started joining photo-marathons (12 hours in which you have to take 24 hours, one for each given topic in the correct order. Bloody hard!), and went on many photo-walks with my photo buddy. I have slowly started to get used to post-processing, especially after I started shooting RAW only. I do most of my post-processing using the awesome Snapseed app. But sometimes, for faster and easier sorting, I use Photoshop. But I put more love into each photo when I use Snapseed.
Lately I have started shooting with my cellphone more and more, since it has quite a decent camera in good light (LG G4), and since my DSLR is too heavy, especially for hikes. So when I'm hiking, I usually only take my G4, but on real photo-walks and for the photo-marathons I still use my DSLR.


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