Biltmore Grounds

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I hike the Biltmore Grounds a lot. I buy a yearly pass for $100. and take the dog out for short hikes when I am not feeling too well, this is my normal hiking spot. However after seeing this and all the distruction they are doing, as they are making way to tear it all down and put houses now in it. This is right along side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. So now when you drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway instead of seeing vast forest you see vast houses for hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. Sad they can build there homes without tearing everything down just to put one family in a home. I feel like all these people moving from other places comming to Asheville are making Asheville just like where they came from, yet they didn't like it there. People don't know how to move someplace and not allow the area to be what it is. When we move we tend to go some place we want to be, why change it to be where you came from, thats not change! No I did not take a picture of the houses as it sadens me that they are doing this. Now I have to find another hiking spot I guess further away.

Eoin - blushing because I called him the meat man! :)

Even though the tree has fallen and it's decaying, it's base and root's seem to bring new life to the forest.

Another decaying tree bringing life to the forrest.

This knot on the tree is neat.

This is what Biltmore is doing with the tree's here in this location they are either digging, cutting or pushing down. Instead of creating firewood for someone, or using the wood for the houses they build, they are just pushed to the side.

Just cut down and thrown to the side.

I guess when your eyes are closed and all you see is money you over look the beauty around, and forget about all the people out there who could use the wood they are throwing to the side and leaving.

These mushrooms were growing on the side of a fallen tree. They are living and very beautiful.

Devistation oh and that road is a dirt road that they have created to get in and out, that's by the French Broad River.

There is life on the Biltmore Grounds.

Beautifule life.

This stream runs into the French Broad River, along with all the trees and trash that has been thrown into the stream. You can't see the gun shot shells nor the beer bottles left behind by construction people.

Life comes in all sizes, even this tine plant on a rock is alive.

Oh look Spot has a human shadow. Hmmm how am I going to get him a girlfriend if he has a human shadow.

Biltmore Grounds use to be this beautiful all over. I know they do a lot of good. It would be nice if they would be the leader in preserving what little we have left.

Even with the road it's sill beautiful if they would leave it be. We need places in Asheville that those who are disabled can go, walk, and be in the woods without being outside of Asheville, or having park benches placed every 5 feet.

This all goes to the river. Yeah and they say our water is clean. Hmm

I thought this rock was beautiful and that I better take pictures of it now before they blow it up or destroy it.

Even though the rock was far away you still could see it along with it's beauty.

Funny life always fines a way.

Whether you want it to or not. I love this plant and wish it would grow in my yard. Oh well not enough water.

Split decision - which way do we go. Well they both end at the same place.

Long time ago this area had put in sewer systems. Interesting even back then they knew they were going to tear all this down.

Muddy road, however until they are done building all the houses here and tear all this beauty out, it will stay like this.

Nice Knot

This is what is going into the river from what Biltmore has done. Thanks Biltmore, I wonder if they realize they drink this water too.

There is just so much beauty here, why can't they make it a big park instead. I feel like protesting however with all there money they won't listen to me, I'm a no one.

It's just a shame to see all this knowing they are going to tear it all down for big houses. The shame of it all is that they are not affordable for all the residents here, only they wealthy.

So this is how they work, they take an area that is a forest and destroy it. They take a pond and drain it, leaving all the animals to die or if they are luck to move on. However how can one do that when there is no place to go. When you destroy all life what do you have left? Thanks Biltmore for showing your just like all the rest. It's all about money. I don't think I'll be renewing my membership this comming year, we shall see.

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cool.. nice pics:)

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