Journey to & @ New Mexico

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On our way to Albuquerque, NM Eoin stoped and asked why I wasn't taking pictues. I guess I had been so tired I just forgoten. By the time I picked up my camera we were allmost here.
The journey was long, tiring and I am glad we all made it here in one peace. We had three days to go almost 1,400 miles and we made it. Only cost about $1,700 in gas, food and 3 nights in a hotel.

As we drove through Oklahoma, Eoin suggested I get my camera so I did. Wow talk about flat land. It's actually sunrise right now, we've been on the road for a short amount of time. The closer we got here the faster I got sick, and sicker. The energy here seemed very low or grounding in a lower form i've not experienced in years. I understand why, however that is still yet to come. Give another year two perhaps. The great devide is coming soon.

I couldn't believe how flat this place seemed to be. Here we are getting closer to New Mexico and it keeps getting flater. Eoin tells me there's mtns here, and I've seen it online. Hard to believe that that it's true looking for miles and miles u see nothing but sky. It is wonderful, however I'm a mtn man.

Hark there's mtn's we only traveled 1,000 miles so i'm curious on how much further we have to go to get there. We still have almost 400 to go. Wow those just look great to see and I can all ready tell a difference between them from here. They don't really look like Mtns it looks like we are traveling once were water flowed which has over time carved down into the ground. hmmm as I ponder on this I wonder how Spot will be with catcus plants he has no clue what they are.

Wind Power! I have hear so much about it and have read all about it too. Nice to see it truly does exist here in the US. It's interesting how the sky is here one moment and then the next changes drasticly.

Such a beautiful day, if you look close you can see another wind power wind mill. I did my best just to get sky as you can see it's spectacular.

I can't believe it we've gone almost 1500 miles and we are here! Well close enough to say we are here. Those are the Sandia Mtns. were I hear that we live by. Can't wait to see this. Lots to explore and so much beauty all around. Still wondering about how I'm going to teach Spot about a cactus. Give us about 3 - 6 days and I'm sure we'll be out hiking. It's that hiker/ explorer in me.

These are the houses beside our Apt. Complex, they are still being build. The houses here are so different then back home in North Carolina. I think I like these ones much more, they seem to have character and blend in with the natural surroundings. Just look at those mtns. hmmm can hardly wait to go exploring.

We'll here we are. We had to wait for two hours as we got here at 7 am and they don't open till 9 am. We waited out front speaking to someone who was waiting for them to open as well. Seems as if her apt. has been flooding all weekend and no one has come to fix it yet. hmmm that wasn't a good sign.
We waited until they opened and notice people said hi and hello here. Startling I have never been around a bunch of people who have done that before. Most people just look away, ignore you or imagine you’re not there.
Finally they opened and I noted a few things in my head, I am sure Eoin did as well.
No one showed us where we live in this big mega apt. complex Nor walked us to the apt, nor did they show it to us, or explain what all the switches or alarm system was for they gave us no rules, regulations or anything. They just handed us the keys and said enjoy. Hmmm that's not a good sign of a well mannered apt. complex.
We parked the truck as we were told we could and unloaded our things into the apt. I found it funny that there are two ways to go around the truck and yet there were fools who honked the horn expecting us to move out of the way for them or drove up on the side of the walk because they didn't want to turn around or take the other way out which was the same distance. We even had one lady come up to Eoin and try to get him to move the truck. She said she managed apartment complexes in the area and so Eoin listened to here. Then I was so proud of him when he turned to her and said yes but do you manage this one here? As she avoided the question he repeated it to her again. The just ignored her as she walked away. Not sure who she thought she was, but control is definitely something she likes and when she cant get it or have it, well she's not happy I'd say.
We went to a nice restaurant for lunch and turned the truck in. We even unpacked some boxes before we just crashed on the bed. Wow what a long journey, all though it was a wonderful journey and I’m glad we are here in one piece.

Such a beautiful tree so many color all within one tree. It’s aura screams out it’s so ponderous to see. There are so many things in life we tend to over look never truly seeing the beauty within something.
This seems to be a great place to live everyone seems friendly here, gives you the time of day and all. There is so much beauty out here to discover and I plan to go out a lot and discover more daily or as often as possible. I’ve been out hiking 4-5 times and plan to go out sometime this week as well.
On another note. We've been here two weeks and have heard of all kinds of maintenance issues with others and I believe them now. It takes our dryer 3 times to dry a load of sheets. So far there maintenance men have came by telling us exactly what we have been telling them - well its hot, and the lint part is clean however they say nothing is wrong with it. I wonder did they get these guys out of a box of cracker jacks? (no offense to Cracker Jacks) So the last time they came they said they will have to speak to the manager about it because they can’t make this decision so let them decide what to do. Hmm does the thought come to anyone’s mind here besides my own call an appliance repair man who specializes in?

This bird came by to say hello to us. I've noticed there seems to be all kinds of bird's here. It's nice to hear them all the time even the cats seem to like them. :)

This is the path way to the park we like by the house. It's called Broad Heights Park and wow it has grass which out here there's not that much around.

This is what you see before the park, new houses that are being built.

Wow can we say grass. Hmm Spot will be in heaven.

We've been playing for awhile and yes he has his squeaky toy still. He seems to like it here which is a good thing. I can bring my work with me here too, which even makes it a better place.

Here is Spot jumping up for his squeaky toy. If you can zoom in close you'll see he caught it.

The squeaky is always near by.

Never a dull moment when you have a squeaky toy in tow.

There were so many planes writing in the sky that I got a picture of it. Hmm if you look closely it looks like it's taking a picture of us too.

Even the moon is up during the day here. I think it's working on it's suntan with me too.

It's a beautiful cactus, and yes Spot has learned the hard way about them. He got a foot full. I guess being a male dog that it's a good thing it was his foot and not something else! :)

Here's a different kind of cactus and it's blooming.

I think cactus have their own majestic beauty with them. Just don't get too close.

This seems to be the choice of yards here. Yep rocks. You don't need to water them which is a good thing, and they still bloom and look great. Note they even have color to them.
I would say I think I'm going to like it here, however I don't need to think that, I do like it here.
I can hardly wait to go on my next adventure.

Thanks for letting me share with you all.
oh someone once asked me what Namaste' meant. It means the God within me greats the God within you.

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