Sandia Mtns topside view

by Yuozhoumel May. 18, 2008 3350 views

I took a trip with Eoin on May 3rd to the Top of the Sandia Mtns, looking for the turquiose trail. Which not only did we enjoy, by the time I got there my camera batteries were discharged completely. So I didn't get pictures of our hiking area, but I think you will agree that I did get some good pictures. This is before he got so sick, and we are still hoping for his recovery.

Here the sun begins to sit over Albuquerque, NM.
Sorry the pics are not in order at this time.
Hey that's me though what can I say, except Narf.

The bark on the trees here in the forrest is so much different then the ones in the past that i have taken pictures of in NC. It has so much depth to it.

Here's Eoin changing his batteries out on his camera. They were the last charged batteries we had for the day. Yes we use rechargeable battereis. After all we are hoping that every little bit helps saves our planet.

The overlook from the Sandia Mtn. looks right into the side of the same mtn, I can only guess that the mtn is still forming the way it chooses too. Beautiful it is.

One of the mtns close by that I could zoom into fromt he top of the Sandia Mtns.

To the side you see Albuquerque, NM from high a top the mtn.

This is one of my favorite pictures. I just love it and it's view.

The rest of Albuquerque, NM

Spot was so excitied about going on his first hike with us. It was funny to watch him look at everything. I don't think anything missed his eye, not even the squirrels.

We were shocked to see snow here when it was 75 degrees at home. After all we are just at the base of the mtn were we live. Interesting to see such a major drop in temperature, there was still at least two feet of snow sparatically.

ok so I did this backwards, Here the sun is down all ready and as you go through the rest of them you shall see it going down backwards.
I'll get this straight one of these days, I guess loading pics up to the site is still not my forte.

As far as the public can go, standing ontop of the Sandia Mtns.

Well I see we have all the towers located in one space on top of the Mtn. Funny I thought it would look different however they did do a good job in placing them together, they do look good instead of spread out all over the place.

Here's the begining of Turquiose trail which was our original plan to go hike, and we did. It was a blast and no I found no turquiose either.

Okay so here I am for my last shot. I was told I looked over 45 the other day by someone I have never meant because of all my gray. I thought it was funny as I like it. I earned every gray hair on my head thank you very mcuh. :)

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Jason 12 years, 11 months ago

Thanks for this lovely set on nature. :)

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