Apalachian Mtns Fall Change of Season 2008

by Yuozhoumel October. 26, 2008 2927 views

Part 1 of Hiking trip to the NC Apalachian Mtns.
I entered what I thought was one picture into a catagory of Hot and found out afterwards it did the whole site. HMMM so how does one just get one picture in. Then I guess the forest with the change of colors does look like it's hot out to me when in fact it's cold. So I guess it counts.

With the cold weather of fall coming in the leaves are changing making it look like it's actually hot outside, when in fact it's cold. Interesting how mother nature can change things around so fast.

This is my favorite picture of this series. The leaves looked like they were about to burn off the tree, yet the glisten so brilliantly red as if to say they were on fire.
I truly missed Asheville, NC and glad I am back home.

Yes it's me Yuo

Red Hot! These leaves changed so red that they look like the color of Red Hot Coals to me.

One of my best friends, Julian.


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