Chickens, Chickens

by Yuozhoumel December. 15, 2008 2789 views

I read in a forum that someone hadn't seen chickens and thought hmm my friends have an organic Chicken farm so I spent a little time with the girls and they just clucked away.

She was on the run on the farm and refused to go back to the hen house for awhile. I think she was on turkey patrol as they have about 100 wild turkeys around their farm as well.

Most of the chickens seem too look familiar however I truly think this one liked having her picture taken. She seems to be in many of them as if she knew where I was going to take the picture and then would run over real quick to get in on the picture.

Everyone was camera shy and huddled around there house until I threw a handful of feed.

If you notice in the picture the one that jumped out of the cage is on the left hand side watching everyone eat. I thought it was funny that she didn't hop back in to eat. She probably thought I was up to something however not sure what since they are all laying chickens.

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