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by Zakir Khan July. 19, 2017 1336 views

If these people actually realized the truth about how the banks work instead of singing joyfully, they would be protesting and starting a revolution against them, the most sinful places on Earth. Banks have given an umbrella to the usurious system, which has crushed our souls, trapped our minds, and enslaved the planet by obfuscating the promissory obligations (money creation) that we have to each other and then charging unwarranted interest on it. The banks hold the key to being the only authority to issue money, thus giving them the unparalleled power to become a worldly god and create the world that they want to subjugate for their own gains. The people are brainwashed to such an extent that no one sees the banks' first crime of obfuscation against humanity.

The banks purport to make loans by making the borrowers believe they are getting someone else's deposit in exchange for the risk; the bank charges interest. Banks have never loaned anything to anyone: banks merely publish our promissory note or promise to pay; it is this monetised promissory note that creates the credit in the purported borrower’s account. In other words, WE create the money, and they are nothing more than a bookkeeping entity, but what banking does is steal the money WE create on conception to pretend it was theirs to begin with. However, banks obfuscate the transaction and launder the promissory note into their possession; that is, they keep the principal repayments and charge unwarranted interest. The people do not have the right to issue unexploited promissory obligations, and everybody is paying interest regardless of if they are paying a mortgage or an alleged debt. Contrary to what we’re taught in schools, the banks give up nothing of commensurable consideration when making a purported loan; the interest they charge is wholly unwarranted. This is the greatest heist in the history of mankind.

The power to issue money has to be restored back to the people, as they are the real creators of money in the economy. They must have the choice of issuing their promissory obligations (money creation) or mediums of exchange with mutual consent.

In fact, the banks do not contribute or risk anything of value to the economy when they pretend to loan money. They prey on the hard work and labour of the people who, by immense indoctrination, consider banks as indispensable credit entities in the economy and believe that an economy cannot function without them. The fact is, it is the people who give value to the money through their hard work, production, labour, blood, sweat, and tears. The banks then steal what the money represents: the value of our hard-earned labour and promissory obligations through falsified debt and usury. The theft does not end here—the banks then charge unwarranted interest on the purported loan that was never circulated in the first place. This is the greatest secret kept hidden from the people and not being thought about for obvious reasons.

Mike Montagne's the Architect of Mathematically Perfected Economy explains this rigged system and it's coming collapse as " Under this imposed system, the principal is introduced to circulation as a debt subject to interest. Because the resultant obligation is to pay both the principal (circulation) *plus* the interest (which exists beyond the sum of the circulation), therefore our payments against this monetary obligation of principal and interest perpetually deflate the circulation. That is, we are constantly paying principal *and* interest out of the general circulation, which exists only insofar as a remaining sum of principal. We are therefore perpetually depleting (”deflating”) the circulation moreso than what principal exists.

Furthermore, to continue servicing these monetary obligations, we must maintain a vital circulation. Of course, because the money only comes from “the central bank,” and because we can only borrow this altered, purposed, artificial form of “money” into circulation, therefore we must borrow back into circulation the principal and interest we pay out of the circulation.

What does this mean?

First of all, it means that to whatever degree we must re-borrow principal, it is mathematically impossible to pay down the sum of debt: The principal we pay down must be re-borrowed, therefore as new debt, equal to the former debt. This aspect of our obligatory replenishing of the perpetual deflation of the system thus always retains the former sum of debt, however much we pay against it.

Secondly however, it means that interest payments too must be borrowed back into circulation; and therefore, because interest payments counted none at all toward the previous sum of debt, thus because we can only borrow them back as new debt… *therefore the sum of debt perpetually increases so much as we have to re-borrow interest back into the general circulation, to maintain a vital circulation*.

Finally then, therefore the sum of debt perpetually increases at inherently escalating rates, so much as the periodic interest on an ever greater sum of debt.

Any purported economy subject to interest ultimately terminates itself under insoluble debt."

As we speak, we are living in the terminal stage of this usurious system; it is interesting to see how the system is conspiring against the common man on the street. As we understand now, a system subject to interest will deplete the general circulation of money, as it is continuously compounding every time when it is borrowed back into circulation because it was never created to begin with. This means there will be less and less money available for the industry and commerce to sustain itself, but they will still be obliged to keep up with the debt payments to the banks. To achieve that, they must pass on this difference to the people to remain soluble, and this is done in terms of higher prices for common goods and services. The government, on the other hand, which was voted by the people to work for the benefit of the people, has mandatory interest obligations to fulfill, so it introduces more taxes and austerity measures to achieve this to serve the banks. The people who voted the government into power have no idea that the political process has little interest in their well-being or that their primary interest is to generate more interest for the banks, which is evident with the escalating national debt every time a new government comes to power, and the burden is transferred to the people. The banks have nothing to lose in this game of financial Armageddon. They breathe and live interest, which the people have to generate for them through their hard work, labour, sweat, tears, and production; they perpetually remained enslaved to the interest of the banks.

The interest is passed on to the people in the form of higher prices, more taxes, austerity measures, and the race to survival for the common man. As usury depletes the general circulation, there is less money available in circulation to change hands - so this scarcity of money drives the dispossession of people’s homes, business, farms, and jobs, and the bank is the cause of it. This contraction in the money supply makes it difficult for the common household to survive and, thus, along with the husband, his wife has to work as well to keep up with the debt obligations to the bank. This obfuscation of currency and usury has put pressure on family values by destroying the moral and social fabric of the society. A mother has no option but to dump her newborn baby in the nearby nursery for her job to continue paying the debt payments. She is nothing more than a slave -- she has become a taxable commodity who cannot afford to experience the joy and love of her newborn, but alas, she has no idea why all this is happening to her in the first place.

This theft is not limited to keeping their people enslaved, but to sustain such a system, the economy must grow all the time because the ‘interest’ is never created -- so more and more people must enrol in this involuntary servitude and pledge to create that ‘interest’ which keeps the system functioning, or they steal the resources and wealth of other countries by hook or by crook to pay off the interest to the banks. As for the dollars that America prints, there must be someone on the planet to use them as a medium of exchange and to pay the interest on them. It is difficult to force every man to use the dollar, and so they force every country to use central banking and link their paper currency to the dollar. This is how they can expand their domain of power beyond national boundaries. Every country has the same central banking system, and they are all answerable to the mega banks like BIS, IMF or World Bank, and not to their governments or their people.

Or you can become like the Chinese, the obedient slaves who have to work for decades to build a trillion dollar economy while the master can just press a magic button to create the same economy. This makes one wonder: can anyone be so naive as to sign up for their slavery, death and destruction for just a few pieces of paper to be used as a medium to steal the energy of its people? If the Chinese realised that they can issue their unexploited promissory obligations and that they don’t need the dollar as the medium of exchange, and if they demanded an equal amount of value in return for their commodities instead of dollars (stolen promissory obligations), then surely the whole ‘monetary system’ will collapse in just a blink of an eye.

The whole world has been brought into this slavery of the central banking system, and if anyone defies this form of invisible slavery, then they wage war against them to impose the system in the name of democracy. They continue the obfuscation of currency by enslaving billions of people around the world - who are forced to use bank notes as their only medium of exchange and subjugated to pay interest on every note they possess. This is how they can steal the real wealth and resources of other nations through the system that intrinsically squeezes the lifeblood from every nation of the world, thus keeping them in perpetual slavery and poverty. The poor nations remain clueless as to what has gone wrong and why they remain beggars even though they possess the real resources. Once they are in control of their banking system and money, they also steal their wealth and real resources to pay the interest payments they are obliged to pay to the banksters.

They must force everyone to accept their terms to live or else face the consequences for the denial. This is the only way to sustain the system and keep their supremacy over all other nations. This is exactly what we see around today if we look closely at the chaos that is happening around the world. To keep the people unaware of the truth, they have created a perception through media, education, and politics that continues to keep the humanity under a spell of falsehood and to prevent them from understanding the real game behind the veil.

With the power to charge unwarranted interest and engage in theft of principle, they can buy any politician or economy to further their agenda, even if the government must wage war. Unless the world's people realise that they are not indebted to the banks, and it is merely an illusion and a lie that we owe the banks, these invisible, Satanic forces will continue to prey on our hard work and labour and continue to suck the last remaining drop of our blood. Political discourse is an equal partner in this crime — and one may ask why the government doesn’t allow the people to issue their own medium of exchange free from any exploitation and interest. Obviously, they won’t pass any law to allow the people the freedom to choose, and the judiciary is equally complacent in this crime, so the banks can continue with their gigantic theft. The people will remain ignorant of the real issue that is affecting every aspect of their lives, and the politicians will never debate this in the parliament.

The very core of these crimes is the power of the banks to issue money (pieces of paper that represent our hard work and labour) and control this medium of exchange and charge unwarranted interest. This has kept the human race in perpetual slavery and poverty. Whether the people realise it or not, they are subject to the worst form of slavery, and only death and destruction will be the destiny in the coming years by going against biblical principles.

The people create MONEY, and the power to issue money without usury must be restored back to the people so that we can claim the freedom that we were born with. This is only possible by eradicating the banking system and usury altogether.

“The issue which has swept down the centuries and will have to be fought sooner or later is…The PEOPLE vs The BANKS

~ Lord Acton 1875”

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Timothy Bullock 4 years ago

some constructive criticism: Try not to write so much. It takes away from the picture.

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Ram Ya 4 years ago

I have been reading news about these unbelievable sums of money these banks are forced to pay as penalties for their illegal transactions and schemes. I doubt this is anything more than a slap on the wrist though.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Zackeologiez.

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Zakir Khan Replied to Ram Ya 4 years ago

Thanks @Ram Ya.

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Berckmans Peter 4 years ago

Good photo, heavy text but the conclusion somes it up nicely

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Zakir Khan Replied to Berckmans Peter 4 years ago

Thanks :)

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