by Zakir Khan July. 20, 2017 1007 views

The monkey knows it, and we do not know. TO UNDERSTAND THE WORLD AROUND US AND HOW THE SYSTEM HAS ENSLAVED US, WE MUST UNDERSTAND ‘MONEY.’ The currency that we have is a theft of our promissory obligations of our hard-earned labour to each other by the banks. Money is created when we promise an obligation to each other by bringing an equal amount of goods or services at risk with mutual consent. We are free to choose whatever medium we consider exchanging as a token to guarantee the value of our labour and debt we have to each other. The token is merely evidence of our entitlements from the pool of wealth, and it has to be a FREE choice of the people to choose their medium of exchange with FREEDOM (not dictated by the banks or governments). The first people to use tokens of exchange were the ancient Mesopotamians, who used clay as their medium of exchange. It served just fine until the moneychangers (banksters) took over. This was the beginning of modern-day slavery. The currency you have in your pockets today is a THEFT of your promissory obligations and hence your hard-earned labour by the banks when it risked NOTHING of value in return. Money is created as falsified debt with unwarranted interest to be paid on it. The system is designed in such a way that the falsified debt will always overlap the principle amount in circulation. With the compounding interest, the debt will grow so exponentially huge that it would be mathematically impossible to pay down. There will always be a scarcity of money in the system because an ever-growing per unit of currency goes toward servicing prior sums of falsified debt and usury. Falsified national debt is only ever meant to be serviced and never paid down. The system ensures that someone somewhere always loses, resulting in the loss of homes, farms, and businesses to the zombie banks.

In such a system, either we pay off the debt or default on it, which means there will be a depression of unthinkable magnitude, economic chaos, and social unrest because the circulation is being continuously depleted through usury. The system needs to be artificially sustained. One way to do this is through war. When a government goes to war, it fraudulently “borrows” billions more to reinflate the circulation so the theft can go on longer, increasing the national “debt” even more and deepening the spiral of depression to come. This usurious structure means paying off the falsified debt to the banks; the economy has to grow all the time even though the growth will only serve the top 1% of the population, which owns the majority of resources. The government has to pay interest on the purported loans from the banks by increasing taxes on the people and stealing the wealth and resources of other countries by waging unjust wars against them to pay off the usury. The West is always in conflict with other countries because in order to pay down its falsified debt, it needs to take control of their central banks so it can control their currencies also. This is what is happening in Syria as we speak. It needs to pay off its debt, rather than civilize a general population. Money is freedom, and not having the freedom to use our money for trade is the greatest slavery of all. There are lies and deceptions all around us, and what we see in Greece is just the tip of the iceberg; what is coming our way is unthinkable.

Banks are the direct beneficiaries of this system.A “JUST” government should serve its people and prevent this theft of our promissory obligations from EVER taking place, but DO they? OF COURSE THEY DON’T!! Politicians and courts are complicit in the crimes of banking, so we can never look to our elected leaders for guidance or expect them to help us. In the name of Democracy, all they end up doing is serving the Banks as honestly as possible. Their loyalties are with the system, and the people have to live the illusion that they voted for a CHANGE as if the election is meant to bring something good for them. We are in a terminal phase of this system, and that is why many countries, like the U.S. and the U.K., have been desperately trying to lower interests rates because the serviceability of the falsified debt is becoming impossible to entertain due to interest (Usury/Riba). This is a desperate measure to slow down the ‘THEFT’ that is being orchestrated by the banks. Now they have nowhere to turn; they can’t lower interest rates any further, and the circulation of money is being depleted quicker than any re-inflation. It is just a matter of time until, under the debt of its own medicine, the SYSTEM collapses. If we are to save our children from INEVITABLE suffering, we need to take the currency back to where it belongs, in our hands. We must understand the nature of money to understand the sickness in the world today. Money is a deception in this modern age, and as long as this deception is in place, the system will work. And then WE wonder why the world has gone mad. It is the USURIOUS monetary system that has corrupted and enslaved the people. It is our incapacity to think critically. It is we who have not been clear about the reality that has ruined our ability to pitch an alternate system. We will FOREVER remain enslaved by the system unless we take back the ownership of issuing money from the devil’s hand and restored it to the rightful owner - the people who create every penny in the economy. The Labyrinth is obvious, and it is time to find our way out. The monkey knows it, and we do not know.

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