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According to the latest research, a typical University student pays up to 50,000£ in debt. Some may even not able to pay it back in their lifetime, others remain in this debt into their fifties. These students dancing at their graduation ceremony have no idea that they have been given an illusion of freedom on the path to slavery. For the rest of their lives, worries about their debt will always linger with them. They will indulge in a lifestyle that will push them to acquire more debt, a debt that they will carry to their graves. They have no idea that they have given up their freedom and to survive they must compete, even if they had to cut the last tree in the forest. They already lost the creative mind to the indoctrination system, which could have help them to understand the deception around them. The reason they will be forever enslaved under the burden of perpetual falsified debt is USURY but their driving inspiration is to find ways of serving the system to serve it better in the hopes of climbing a few ladders to an easy life. They are devoid of any capacity to question critically the way the system works; they will live their lives with no or little understanding of how this usurious system is sucking every drop of their blood. In the shadow of a lost dream, they will live a blatant illusion of life.

Those students who receive scholarships are indoctrinated enough to go back to their countries and defend the system that has cursed all of mankind. To them, their culture, moral code and religion have become forbidden fruit. They will look at the problems through the lens that the system has fitted to their brains, and they will end up only whining. They have no idea that they are being programmed to follow the instructions that are engraved on their minds. They are expected to come with an original thought and give a solution to the present day problems. But the system has to invest in them, whether through education, media or any other source to divert their attention from the system and focus them on the symptoms and not the cause. So no one can question how everything holds together, nor how everyone on the planet is being enslaved by the usurious system. They could never make their head around on the fact that the system they envision a saviour to humanity is the very reason the human race is collapsing. Lost in the Labyrinth of perpetual mental slavery, these learned minds represent the colossal failure of the modern day education system.

The point of this photograph is to show how the SYSTEM is being used here. This is a three-dimensional photograph perfectly demonstrating how the system has become part of our lives. The photographer represents the system, which has drawn potential students into a LABYRINTH (the camera), where they will remain enslaved. They exist in a fake virtual reality, an invisible prison purposely built for them. They will be processed and developed by the system to its advantage. They only see what the system lets them believe. They have become the property of the system. When they are ready, they will join the labor force to become part of a brainwashed society, making them no more than “sheeple,” built to serve the system, and the cycle continues. The system’s survival is dependent on how well it is being served. And these mechanically altered minds, with their impressive qualifications, may not be able to make sense, throughout their lives, that they lived by the bankster’s code.

“When the freedom they desired most was the freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free, and never was free again. ~ Edith Hamilton”
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Berckmans Peter 4 years ago

Those students are the fresh wheels of the system, they are the lubrication of the old worn out wheels ( student:slaves ) of the system. In this way the system keeps itself rejuvinating and will go on as long as we the slaves offer our childern to this machine of greed, money etc... .Breaking out of our slave status is not that easy because we will not offer something except our childern. Most of the time we not realise what is going on untill were old and of no use no more to the system, if we did not reach the top than we are waste. Than the penny drops, but it is to late and our childern are already turning the wheels of the system.
Like the photo and the mindset

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Zakir Khan Replied to Berckmans Peter 4 years ago

Thanks @Berckmans for the comment blush.

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