by Zakir Khan July. 25, 2017 1185 views
Said Business School, University of Oxford

Said Business School, University of Oxford

It all begins with having a dream: a dream to fit in the system, to envy a lifestyle that is only possible within the system. One may have a luxurious lifestyle depending on how well he/she is mechanically fit to run the system. In reality, I feel sorry for those friends of mine who want to bring CHANGE with their enlightened minds but have no clue what has caused the mess in the world that we see today and what is the reason behind it. They don’t look for the cause but concentrate on the symptoms, which never really bring any change. They wanted to end poverty through the political process but had no idea that it is the very system, i.e., Banks (who obfuscate our promissory obligations to each other) and interest (usury/riba) that has brought the whole humanity on the verge of great destruction. It is Money all the way. They could not comprehend this major flaw in the system and still think what they have been thought in the University is nothing but the only truth. “The fact is they are debt slaves to the system through falsified student loans, and they have no choice but to serve the system. I used to wonder why there wasn’t more alternative thinking in the most elite channels of education like Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard. However, with time I realized that these channels are part of the same SYSTEM, and their survival is dependent on that very system, which funds them, to sustain themselves. The kind of students that they produce have enough indoctrination that they remain clueless, brainwashed with no minds of their own to bring any critical thought to address the modern day challenges of our time.

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