by Zakir Khan August. 02, 2017 903 views

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a course on 'Monetary Economics' at Oxford University. My expectation was to learn their approach to the current monetary crisis, but I was very disappointed that they were still teaching the students the same faux economics, based on a flawed foundation, where money comes only from 'central banks' and 'interest’ is taught as an integral part of the system. Their whole argument and subsequent statistical models and complicated mathematical equations were based on this flawed foundation. It wasn't to give the students a chance to learn all the available models but to channel their vision into a narrower path to make their minds suggestible to what the system wants them to believe - so they cannot critically analyze and ask questions about the true nature of economics and money. If one studies 'Mathematically Perfected Economy’, it is not difficult to debunk the current mainstream economics by just studying the basics of money and how an economic system subjected to interest will ultimately terminate itself under insoluble debt. The students had no idea, when the interest is not being created, how it is possible to pay the interest obligations, something that is mathematically impossible. Even a second-grade kid can solve the most basic puzzle, which has eluded the great Nobel Prize-winning economists of our time. Obviously, the students could only perceive what the system let into their minds, i.e., half-baked truths and flawed principles; thus, they are not in a position to understand the system and ask real questions. Little do they know that they are strengthening the very system that has led their civilisation to the verge of collapse.

As Einstein once said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” It is no wonder that the current crop of intellectuals and elite channels of education have failed to deliver a sound solution to the crisis humanity is facing since they are using the same mindset that created the crisis in the first place. In the mainstream educational discourse, no efforts are being made to deliver a solution and address the system's shortcomings because their existence depends on the same system. I was most likely to fail the exam by asking fundamental questions and insisting on understanding the true nature of economics and money. How rational is it to ignore the basic principles that stand guardian to guarantee a 'just' and 'moral' society? For centuries, people have understood that money by its nature cannot be used to monopolize a certain medium of exchange to benefit a particular group or institution, and 'usury' has no place in a society that stands for morality and social justice. Any society in history that has deviated from these basic principles has seen the dust of time. Obviously, my questions do not fit the current spectrum of lies, where obfuscation of currency and usury are the fundamental pillars of the system.

The system has to invest in the future, to prepare a crop that, when reaped, is mature enough to have not learned the art of critical thinking and to question anything they have been taught at University. They do as they are told, they are the lifeblood of the system, and the supply is plentiful. I have my sympathies with them - they have no idea that they are being programmed with a manipulated perception of reality. Even with all the good intentions and the passion to do well, with flawed methodology and corrupted minds nothing good is going to happen. Their education has become the most powerful tool to perpetuate the system, which, in its very idea, is in conflict with divine principles. What they don't realize is that they are downloading the system version of everything, by going into falsified debt to pay for their own programming. What a pity - they are the victim of the same system which has manipulated their minds to perceive what they have been told as the only truth. They remain in the same state of being -- an illusionary reality which is constantly affirmed by their peers, friend, media and the political class, which are the product of the same system. That is the reason that they have hardly any knowledge of the upcoming monetary collapse -- not to mention the cause of it.

They will continue to believe that banks create money; in fact, the banks steal our hard work, labour, sweat, tears and production. They have been indoctrinated enough to live in the prison of their mind, purposely built for them. It is not the eyes that see but the mind -- and the mind is already owned by the system. No matter what I told them, they could only see through the lens of the system and continue to live a life of illusion, debt and blatant lies. In the very first lecture, the professor put a cap on their minds by saying "what you need to know - what I tell you in the lecture"; for the students to succeed, they need to repeat what they have learned to pass the exam without knowing that repetition is the greatest form of mind and perception control. To avoid a state of cognitive dissonance, they must defend the system which has enslaved them. It is no wonder that when you present the truth that doesn't match their downloaded reality, they have no other option but to reject it. They will live with a lie forever unless they have the urge to find the truth as their education has made them less susceptible to new ideas and thought process. At the end of the course, the professor sums up the whole idea about the course in his last sentence, "if you want a job in a central bank, you should master these models".

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