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When I came back from my holidays, a colleague asked me "How were your holidays?" As I always find my colleagues to be curious whenever I get back, I replied, "It was a bit hectic. I had to travel to attend the funral of my friend's father, and then I had to rush back to catch my flight."

My colleague was somewhat perplexed and confused, and asked "What? You had to travel across the continent just to attend a funeral?"

"I had to," I replied. "But that doesn't make any sense at all," she said.

However, this is part of our tradition. We have to be there among our people in times of sorrow and joy. It was something new for her, and she found it difficult to understand.

We believe in family values; families form the basis of communities and, despite the shortcomings, we still strive to be among our people whether it is a time of sorrow or a time of joy. I haven't even spoken to my friend in the last couple of years, but that doesn't mean that the bond has broken. I had just been blinded by the ruse of the banking culture.

The culture you have in the West is a "bank's culture," a lifestyle driven by usury. To maintain such a lifestyle, you have to evolve unnatural ways to keep it going. What do you mean by the Bank's culture she asked?

It is all about 'money'- money for the banksters: the thieves of our modern times. They want more and more - their greed has no limits. For this to be accomplished, people must work day and night to create more and more money so it can be paid in interest to the banksters. It is a system malevolently designed to steal every penny from the planet and transfer it to the few among at the top of money power pyramid. It is total evil, isn’t it?

This is why you had to work among strangers just to survive in this economic doom. Do you think it is human to dump your two-year-old baby in the nursery into a stranger's hand and expect the same level of empathy as you have? Do you think, from any rational or moral point of view, it is even close to being correct? You are brainwashed to believe that the state can take a parenting role. They just want you to work, work and work to confiscate your earning via taxation in order to pay off the bankers with interest. You see, it is not about your interest but INTEREST to the banks.

You have to think - understand and see beyond this deception. It is better to polish your mind rather than your skin. You are in a trance - a state of mind that has ceased to think and question critically. There are no people dumber than those who loan their thinking to the system. Why is family life suffering - why is the whole social order broken here? You people spend more time with strangers than among your family members. Cultivating family values and building communities are serious jobs.

She was listening to me anxiously, but she still couldn't make sense of what I was talking about.

It has been two weeks now; hundreds of people visited my friend's house to offer their condolences, and the community is taking care of everything for him. Close relatives will spend a few days with him so that he can feel loved. Why are we still able to maintain these biblical values - because we are less influenced by the banks!

We own our houses and most of our business, so we don't have to pay the banks the preposterous interest that you people pay. From a needle to a house mortgage, you don't have any option but to buy on interest. The reason you are stuck in this slavery is because you don't understand 'money,' 'banking,' and 'usury,' the devil's triangle. Why would you pay the price of three houses for just one house? and in return the bank does not risk even a penny. Does it make sense? It means you have to work all your life just to pay the banks the interest, and all that for just one transaction. Do you see a problem here? Is there any justification for it in a just and moral society? The game is rigged, and you are being forced to play this game to live a life of servitude. The problem is, you don't even think!” and if I tell you that for your life’s labor the bank does not risk anything of value in return; would that make you think differently.

I could see the helpless smile on her face, maybe she was starting to think.

"What choices do we have? Sorry, but we can't do much." A typical response, and one I was expecting.

"You can at least educate yourself to understand what is the real cause of why your life is driven in this way, and why you have been put under such pressure to live an ordinary life of an unfulfillable nature. Like others, you were born into bondage; and the only life you can perceive is the life you are having now, without even realizing that you have become a slave. You need to wake up so your children can have a better life, not being enslaved by the system. The new generation has no capacity to even remotely make sense of how they have been brainwashed and brought into this bondage without their consent.

Just look at the family album and see how good a life your great-grandparents had—only one person used to work to feed the whole family. Look at their dress code and family values. They were passed from one generation to another until we became influenced by the banker's lie (by being modern) and scrapped everything valuable altogether. Modern doesn't mean it is rational or good for people. The money changers knew - if they wanted to tax everyone in the society, including women - that they must create an illusion of something great that is nothing more than a lie. To create such a brainwashed society, they had to push ideas that must filter down through education and media so it could take roots in the society. You have taken God away from every equation in your life. That is why you see the feminist revolution, which has created exactly that illusion. It has destroyed the marriage institution and made everyone a taxable commodity including women (which was the plan) so the few evil banksters at the top can benefit. You don't see it because you don't own your mind. You could only perceive what the system wants you to believe and that’s the only feed you get into your mind. You have been enslaved by the system! You must live by the banker's code. You have no choice! You act just like a robot.

I made her think of looking at things from a different perspective.

So now you had to work and make your child become dumb in the nursery, allowing the state to become the parent and indoctrinate your baby from a very early age. Now the system drives your minds to keep the illusion going. A woman's role is to either remain a girl or become a girlfriend, not a wife who could raise a family; the relationships that exist between these two paradigms have almost vanished. Those once beautiful and respectful relationships with the grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces, that were seen at all times in the home and that children used to learn from, have now become a novelty and found in old book shops. A child is raised, deprived of all the intrinsic schools that create a balance of social order in a child's life. The aged are sent to senior homes as they can't be taxed anymore and are of no use to the system. The children are sent to the nurseries and the adults work for the banks, lost in a labyrinth of self-illusion and drunken lifestyle that never let them think and ponder; where do you end up? You are doomed as a society, and you cannot stand against the system that controls every aspect of your life.” The thing is you have to pay for the crimes you have committed against humanity as this system is destroying you as well.

If you show negligence towards your child, the state will jail you and may even take your child, but the same system won’t point a finger at the children when they abandon their parents in the most vulnerable age - when they need every moment of care and family love. Do you know why? It is because the seniors citizens are of no use to the system, and they just cannot generate any interest for the banks anymore. The system will dispose of you like toilet paper. It's a bank culture, and usury can only cultivate those values in society that could generate more interest for the banks. The very core of society is corrupt, and only people with the inner eye can see it.

She found it fascinating so far, I guessed. Before I could pause, I continued

"I observed that while the whole society has been transformed over the years to accept certain ways of thinking that reflect how the system wants you to think, act and feel, the people are generally good, but the culture and traditions have changed. Banking has become the new religion of the people. People are being forced into this perpetual slavery that you have been subjugated to embrace. The discipline you see around you is merely to enforce the money changers' vision, so the slaves are kept in check and continue working in a relatively good environment with a few fancy nuggets to keep them entertained. You are living a life of illusion so that the privileged fews can make a profit from your hard work. When is the last time you made a connection with nature and your soul?” When was the last time you had an organic dinner free from preservatives and chemicals, I asked.

The questions are "What is the real factor here?" and "How were the money changers able to accomplish all this nonsense and lies?” Let me explain you the truth: You can force a few people to behave a certain way, but you cannot force the whole of humanity to dance to the same tune unless you brainwash them to accept a certain way of thinking that becomes the lifestyle and a reference point for everyone. Lets explore the lie of economics a bit further:

The system obfuscates our promissory obligations that we have to each other. In other words, banks are the only authority that can issue money, which represents our hard work, and through usury, they steal our wealth and energy. This is how they have achieved their goal of bringing the whole of humanity under involuntary servitude. The banks only pretend to loan money, but, in reality, they never loan a penny - all they do is to publish further representation of our promissory obligations to each other, and we falsely believe that we owe money to the banks, which is a lie that has never been told to the people or discussed anywhere. The least you can do is to understand the real reason behind all this chaos happening in the world today.

The power to issue money must belong to the people, and there is no place for usury in any just and moral society.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked. Let me repeat it again!

You are the one who creates money in an economy through your hard work, sweat, labour, tears, and production, and you must have the power to exchange that with another person for a fair and equal value through your own medium of choice. The problem is that, to exchange your work, the medium of exchange has to be the bank notes, as it is the only legal tender because the banks have the authority to monetize our money, which is merely a further representation of your hard work and nothing else. The bank does not risk anything of value; it just keeps a log of our transactions and still makes a claim on our money, and we falsely believe that the bank has lent us money. We create money, not the banks.

I continued...

"You become a slave to the banks because you cannot exchange the fair value of your hard work and labour with other people. The banks own the power to publish our money, and it means they make a claim on all that we do. We the people give value to money through our hard work, labour, sweat, tears, and production, but it is owed back to them as we use their bank notes. This means our hard work is created as falsified debt. The evil thing is they charge interest on the money that we create, and that has never been the bank’s to start with. The most evil part is that the unwarranted interest that they charge is never issued in circulation in the first place. So the question is, how do we pay interest? It is mathematically impossible. It is simple kindergarten maths: when there is not enough money in the system, less money is circulated in the economy, and people start to lose their homes, businesses, farms, and other tangible assets to the banks. The system will create such an environment where few people will benefit at the expense of many. That is not all; the debt keeps on compounding, and over a period of time, it becomes impossible to pay the interest, and the whole system collapses under insoluble debt.

This is how the whole society is unable to escape the labyrinth and believes in a false reality. While watching TV every evening, being fed with lies and more lies, do you have any time to think and ponder? You are so busy in your life that you don’t care about the truth as long as you have enough on your plate.

She looked at me - but allowed me to finish.

Now you can fit yourself in the story and connect the dots - you will certainly be shocked and hopefully awake. The reason the cost of living and everyday commodity has gone high is because of interest (usury), that is charged on every transaction that takes place in the economy. Since the interest is never created and issued in circulation, that burden is then passed on to people, like you and me - who are forced to pay extra money for everything we buy. Usury brings scarcity of money in the society and forces the people to compete and dispossess one another in one way or another, without understanding that they are driven by the touch of the devil, that is usury. For industry and commerce to remain soluble they must pass the burden to the people - not only the people become the victim of unnecessary exploitation but the government (who takes loans from the bank with interest) also has to bring austerity measures upon the people to pay the interest obligations to the banks. So you are left with no option but to work and work to generate the interest payments for the banks that are passed onto you from the top - falsely believing that you are contributing to the greater good of your fellow countrymen. Welcome to modern-day slavery - you were born in falsified debt, lived a life of slavery, and died as a debt slave - while the banks are still knocking at your door asking for the money that you never owed to them.

Can you see a trap here? I asked.

That’s why you left your two-year-old baby at the nursery - to work for the banks. Are you still a free soul?

If you choose not to work, you will lose all your belongings to the bank. Do you have a choice - or do you claim to have a mind of your own that could think? I know you have to go with the flow to be delusional and remain a well-mannered slave.

You are scared - the system feeds on fear so it can keep you entrapped in the labyrinth of your own so called free choice.

Why did your friend lose his house to the bank? It is not because he didn’t want to work but because there was less money in the system as each year the banks steal billions of pounds in interest, so there is less money in the economy and the people have less to survive - someone will lose all his belongings to the bank in this game of dispossession. This all because they have the monopoly on money and charge unwarranted interest.

Can you see the deception now - I mean, the trap?

You were lied to in school, you were lied to in college, and you were lied to in university. The media told you the lie, and the government worked for the same lie.

Did I leave her thinking for a while? She was shocked and helplessly confused.

The three things you need to understand are:

  1. The freedom to choose your own medium of exchange - which the banks have taken away from us
  2. Usury - how our labor and production are stolen
  3. The entrapped mind - how people are brainwashed to believe in a false reality

This is how the system is sustained and managed to keep people in the never-ending illusion that it has created. The system is terminally ill - it has to collapse for the new reality to emerge. The whole system is at war with nature, and it’s only a matter of time until nature presses the reset button, and it is going to be very painful. Have you have been too busy to see this coming?

Usury is a declaration of war against nature, and nature must respond to bring order back into the world.

"Where do we go from here?" she questioned.

Even before the solutions appear - I don’t see that things will get any better. You have to pay for these monumental crimes against humanity. I mean not you but those who own and run the system - the sad thing is that you have embraced this system as the only truth, so you have to go through the pain as well. The future landscape is not good - all I see are wars, social unrest and economic hardships for the people before the big war overlaps this minor chaos. We are all guilty of this crime. We went against nature but forgot that God will not allow us, for too long, to sustain something that is against the basic principles that HE has set in the manual for humans to operate in the world.

I wish to tell you the good news, but before good things happen, all the bad things must happen. That's what we all deserve for our wickedness, and that’s why I want you to watch out and prepare for the coming economic hardships. Before we can imagine a world without poverty, hunger, and wars, without usury and the banks, this usurious system must collapse for the new reality to emerge.

"Well, that was something new," she said. I may want to learn this if I get some time.

Before you want to make sense of your surrounding, find yourself. To understand the system, you have to be who you really are and unlearn what you have become. You are broken on so many levels that the image you see in the mirror is the mind that is deceiving you. You are living an illusion of the life that is so precious - you are lost in the labyrinth of your own mind. You must change yourself before you embark on the journey to bring change to the world, and you must start by feeding your mind with new thoughts.

Before I could finish my sentence, she looked uneasy and I thought that might be too much for her.

I know you are late for your X-Factor audition, but hopefully, some of the concepts will stay with you and make you ponder. She smiled and ended the conversation.

All I was hoping for was that one day she would be able to escape from the labyrinth of her mind.

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“The issue which has swept down the centuries and will have to be fought sooner or later is…The PEOPLE vs The BANKS. ~ Lord Acton 1875”
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