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“Today's economy has to grow constantly because of the exponential money system that explicitly enforces a paradigm of continuous growth and implicitly assumes that the future is much larger and brighter than the present. In the process, this growth requires energy, and in pursuit of this madness, the human has highly hydrated every resource in its capacity. Our economy must grow to support this money system, and the energy, which can't grow infinitely as the natural world is quickly depleted, is putting the whole system on the verge of the greatest collapse of civilization ever known to man. Any mind with a grain of intellect will mostly likely ask what is making this pursuit of crazy growth inevitable and why we can't just settle for enough to be prosperous and happy. The very heart of the system that is driving this whole madness that we see around is the 'usury' or riba (interest). Every penny that is brought back in circulation is borrowed back with interest that keeps compounding each time to create a debt bubble. It is the greatest bubble of all: the falsified debt bubble.

Money is created from falsified debt in today's banking system with interest to be paid on it. When the money comes into circulation as debt, we can easily understand that over a period of time, interest will inherently multiply this debt until we end up having a sum of insoluble debt that the circulation can no longer afford to service. This constant terminal multiplication of debt in proportion to the original circulation by usury is pushing the system to its inevitable terminal collapse. No one asks the mainstream why there has to be infinite economic growth all the time on a finite planet — this is simply not possible. The resources that have been depleted from the planet are fast approaching their terminal end, and when the money changers can't expand their kingdom, it collapses. They have to wage wars to re-inflate the economy so they can continue with their theft by conquering other countries' resources and banking systems to survive. This is the only way for them, and that is exactly what is happening as we speak. How long can the system linger? No one can predict that, but when it fails, it will be a fall of epic proportion never seen before in the history of humankind.

The future that is quickly approaching is not going to be pleasant at all. We have massive changes upon us that will totally change the landscape of the world that we know of now. Hell will unfold - and the pain and agony are beyond anyone's comprehension. The whole system is against the order of nature and nature has to call. When you understand the system, you realize that the whole system is in its self-destructive mode. Being a street photographer, I can see the cracks in the streets are already happening, though there is still some juice left in the system to keep the people delusional. The people will only to blame their ignorance for the destruction they are heading towards. When the bubble bursts - the wealth will be transferred (stolen) from the bottom to the top few morons, who make the rules for the game. With nothing or little left - hyperinflation will force the resources out of reach of the people, and the money has to find commodities/assets to escape that hyperinflation and this scarcity will bring chaos and anarchy on the streets. This will be one frightening episode! How did they manage to run such a gigantic theft so successfully for so long?They own the system - so they make the rules. The enslaved people have been brainwashed to such an extent that they had to reference the system for anything and everything they believe and follow. We are moving toward a "Hunger Game" society; in fact, we are living one at this very moment. We have to take control and engage with thinking minds, who can guide the human race toward its true destiny of freedom.”


“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” ~ Anais Nin

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