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I still remember the game Labyrinth: I used to play it in my childhood. There was a stainless steel ball that you needed to roll to the centre of the ring to win. Small openings were provided to allow movement from the outer rings to the inner rings, but moving into the centre was all about skill. As meaningless as it sounds, I would spend the whole day playing it over and over. My world was contained entirely within the Labyrinth; I would get so absorbed in it that I scarcely noticed my surroundings. It was fun to play a game with no obvious purpose, no end goal, other than to move the ball to the centre as quickly as possible. It took me a long time to figure out that it was not I who was running towards the centre; rather, it was the very centre of Labyrinth that was pulling me. My mind was not my own; it was the Labyrinth that had taken over.

I see the Labyrinth now as a metaphor for how I see the entire world itself: the centre of the Labyrinth represents Usury, while the middle, outermost circles represent, money and banking. Though we can bring more elements (politics, law, religion etc.) into the equation but these three make the devil triangle, which is the reason why the world is in such a mess. All these forces keep the SYSTEM obfuscated so that no one can make sense of the whole process. The stainless steel ball represents the unfortunate human who is forced to move back and forth in the hope of a better future. The banking system has a monopoly on the medium of exchange and the energy of the people is being sucked up by Usury, which is at the very heart of the Labyrinth, and the system continues to keep us in the invisible prison that is being purposely built for us. The greatest tragedy that modern man can endure is to give his thinking up to the system and become a slave that has only learned to follows instructions.

This idea is so profound and powerful that it is inevitable that it will eventually find its way into mainstream ideology. It is my fervent hope that people realize that their wealth and energies are stolen in a systematic way by the obfuscation of money and usury, which make them mere working slaves for the banking cartel. Now a huge tsunami is coming their way, and that they will incur terrible losses if they continue to live in their Labyrinth. In this book, I will discuss, in random order, ideas about how the system is rigged, including how it has enslaved the human soul and trapped the mind. I have chosen to tell the story through photographs, in order to make it more powerful, intense and thought-provoking. This situation calls for dire actions, and to understand the deception completely, and to make sense of the nature of its inherent fallacies, we need to connect the dots with the right knowledge. Before the right things happen, all the wrong things must happen, as a human race this is all what we deserve for our wickedness. I hope this humble effort will make you think and question the world around us in a hope for a better and just future for our children.


Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act

~ Albert Einstein

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