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Place where everything seems serene.. Hever Castle Gardens

Place where everything seems serene.. Hever Castle Gardens

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Stephen Fox 1 year ago

Hello Zane,  I like this one , a picture that tells a story draws me in .  'The lady by the river '  conjures up all sorts of intrigue, Just who is the lady ? why is she sitting there ? is there anyone else with here ?  what is she thinking ? where has she been and where will she be going next ?  That gate in the background  just where will the gate take me ? maybe to a house ! maybe its the house the lady lives in.   Anyway I prattle on, I have been looking at some of your pictures. How good are they I'd say excellent . Portraits is a real, real weakness  of mine , I just do not get much opportunity and I wouldn't know where to begin. Thanks for liking some of my pictures and following me. Kind Regards Stephen

1 year ago Edited
Zane Love Replied to Stephen Fox 1 year ago

Thank you Stephen for such an amazing and thoughtful comment. I really appreciate.. 

I tend to do portraits currently only because I have faces I can photograph :) but to be honest, I haven’t found my passion yet nor my own photography style. 
I experiment with what I got in the small space I have ( every angle of rooms as well as kids :D) 

Thank you once again, I really appreciate 🙏🏽

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