Real clear posters #5

by Sydney Solomon September. 03, 2018 183 views

I would just like to make some personal comments. I get it that most folks here probably do not approve of these posters in this forum. I am not in condemnation, of either party of the U.S.A. I am not an American. Rather the man Trump, based on a feting I did over a long period of time in 2016, not only his conduct during the race, but his whole body of work during his lifetime. But, not for his and families wealth, his conduct over his lifetime would of landed him in jail, many times over. It is also important to note, that the majority of eligible voters, did not vote for this president, but for the system of their electoral process in any other democratic system he would not of been president. I welcome your comments.

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Antonio Gil 2 years, 2 months ago

Keep up the good work Sydney. Many people died for democracy, we just have to maintain it and even so, that seems so difficult.

2 years, 2 months ago Edited