Painting of a Pandemic street.

by Sydney Solomon March. 25, 2020 142 views

This is a painting of a busy rush hour Lexington Avenue, New York pandemic mode.

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Antonio Gil 1 year ago

So cool. Everything closed in my country too

1 year ago Edited
Sydney Solomon Replied to Antonio Gil 1 year ago

Hi Antonio...on your travels in Japan, there must be some busy streets that now are not busy. "Your assignment if you wish to carry it out, is take a picture of a deserted busy street" Send it to me, so I can make a painting of it. If you decide, that is not possible...we will not disavow you.

1 year ago Edited
Antonio Gil Replied to Sydney Solomon 1 year ago

We are locked down at home. Impossible to leave and to take pictures. Sorry my friend

1 year ago Edited