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I like aubergine ... and photography.
In fact my interest in both started rather late in life let's say in the mid 2000's. A slow change, and growing interest.
It started with a tiny old 3MP pentax 330, that didnt even belong to me. I learned a fairbit just pushing buttons. Then i saved up and bought my first digital, my trusty Canon S5 IS. serving me through thick and thin for the past part of the past three years. I decided in the past few months that he has earned his retirement, which incidentally coincided with my own need for a real dSLR, i added a Nikon D90 to my arsenal. The faithful D90 having done all it could for me, we welcomed the D7000 into the family, as the daily driver, (along with a
In terms of pp software, i started out with Photoshop, but now use almost Lightroom, almost exclusively. However with the arrival the last two generations of Lightroom, especially CC, almost the entire workflow now goes through LR, something that coincided with my exclusive work on RAWs.
What do i look for when i'm behind the camera?
Hmm....good question. as one can imagine it is always changing. Not counting my love of travel and documenting my voyages and new sights, i think what attracts me most, is geometry, colours, and the relationship between them. i wish to be able to see the world around me differently thanks to photography, but a long way still to go.


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