Berlin Day Three 11/1/17

by Zoe Conway January. 12, 2017 660 views

I was awoken by the sound of someone's alarm but I quickly fell back to sleep. I then snoozed my alarm at east three times, I was not in the mood to be awake! I was cosy and comfy in bed and was unwilling to moved. After some time I decided it was time to start the day. Having booked a trip to the Reichstag Building or the German parliament and having is confirmed I set on my way. First stop was the bakery from yesterday. I ordered the exact same thing. Why differ when it is sooooo good? I started on my way but soon realised just how cold it was so popped back to primark to get a hat. With the hat purchased off I went again. I decided to stop at Berlin Cathedral again to have a look.

Having snapped a couple of more pictures I moved on and found the Neue Wache which serves as referral memorial of the federal republic of Germany for the victims of war and dictatorship. This is a very small building that is very plain inside. 

Neue Waches

A Statue Within the Neue Waches

After a quick stop I was off again in the direction of the Brandenburg Gate. I, of course, had to get some more photos. 

The Pillars of the Brandenburg Gate

I had a quick look at the time and realised I still had a while till I was due in at the Reichstag Building. Strolling over to the building and following the signs I arrived at security. It was at this point that i was regretting the number of layers in was wearing. I took me 5 minutes to take my jacket, hat, headband, scarf, gloves, camera and bag off and just as long to put them all back on. At this point I looked at one of the workers who just laughed at me! Security sorted it was now time to be escorted into the building. 5 doors and an elevator ride later we were on the rooftop. Once in the dome the first thing you notice is the central column which is made of 360 mirrors which is used to reflect sunlight into the parliamentary chamber to reduce the use of artificial lighting.

Inside the Dome of the Reichstag Building

Once in the dome you have an audio guide talking you through the 360 degree view and the building as you walk up the ramp around the edge of the dome.

Inside the Dome

The top of the dome is open which allows for the collection of water and snow which is used within the building.

The Reichstag Building

Having finished the tour it was now time for some lunch. A quick search of the area I found a Starbucks so nipped inside and grabbed a hot chocolate and a sandwich. Whilst munching on lunch it started to snow. I headed back out and finally managed to sort my scarf so that my Y face was nice and toasty. I decided to take a walk through part of the park and managed to capture this picture. 

A Park Path Lined by Trees in the Snow

Someone Walking Through the Park in the Snow

At this point the snow was getting heavier so i decided to head back to the hostel to take shelter. On the way back whilst passing the Brandenburg Gate there was some sort of protest going on. There were police there but they were happy in their cars. 

Protest Infront of the Brandenburg Gate

At this point the snow was getting so bad that the camera needed to be put away. Whilst Berlin looks amazing  with snow it even more magical when it is actually snowing. After a forty minute walk and multiple incidents of looking like Bambi on ice I arrived back at the hostel to dry off and warm up. A quick catch up with mum over face time and some pizza for dinner I settled down to write this post. Mid post a guy, his sister and her friend come over and start chatting away to me. They tried to convince me to go on a pub crawl but being shattered from all the walking and sightseeing I passed. 

Things i have learnt 

  • I thought i could walk on snow turns out I definitely can't 
  • I can snooze my alarm far too easily 
  • Lots of Germans do not wear gloves and I can't understand this concept
  • I can not retain heat what so ever
  • Berlin is extremely pretty when it is snowing 
  • The Irish are everywhere!
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