Berlin Day Four 12/01/17

by Zoe Conway January. 17, 2017 1180 views

The fourth and final instalment in the Berlin blog series.

This was my last day in Berlin and what a wonderful day it was. The weather was warmer than it had been all week with temperatures getting above 0! I checked out of my hostel and double checked the times of my train to the airport. It was then that I headed to the train station to put my bag in a locker for a few hours so I didn't have to take it everywhere with me. 

Today I decided to visit the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery. This was only meant to take me 35 minutes to walk there but having taken thee wrong route it was at least an hours journey! On the way however I passed a lovely little church.

Little Church

Whilst on route to the East Side Gallery I stumbled upon a lovely little graveyard. The next photo was taken from just inside the gates of the grounds as I didn't fancy walking along the icy path.

Within the Graveyard

After a while of walking and consulting google maps I eventually reached the East Side Gallery. I was disappointed to see that part of the wall was covered by metal fencing. I was however able to grab this next photo of a cartoon character through the fence.

Cartoon Character on the Berlin Wall

Here is some other cool artwork that is on the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery.

Having walked along a lot of the wall it was time to head back to the centre to grab some food before jumping on the train. On the way back I passed St Thomas' church which is a vibrant burnt orange colour.

St Tomas' Church

It's at this point that I think I ended up walking through a bit of a dodgey neighbourhood! This did provide me with some cool graffiti-ed abandoned buildings to photograph.

Graffiti-ed Abandoned Building

I did arrive back safely at the centre of Berlin and grabbed a kebab for lunch. This was the best decision of the day as the kebab tasted amazing. It did help that I found a kebab shop that was packed with locals which is always a good sign. Kebab munched it was time to hop on the train.

I sat down and off the train went, it reached the next stop and there was an announcement that came over the tannoy. I was unsure of what was said having not learnt German since 4th year of high school. I double checked with a young couple sitting beside me if the train was going to the airport. They said yes. A couple of minutes later however, the train started moving backwards. At this point myself and the couple started to panic. We found a train conductor and asked what was happening. Turns out she didn't speak a word of English! I managed to figure out that we needed to go to the other platform once we reached my original starting station. Once on the correct platform we decided to double check with a local who said we needed to be on the train we had just gotten off. With all this confusion we checked with the information desk. We eventually got on the right train and made our connection and arrived at the airport in plenty of time. 

I managed to safely make it back to the UK and to stanstead in plenty of time for my connecting flight to Edinburgh. I headed through security and ended up having my bag searched which was not ideal. Once through security off to weatherspoons I headed. Cheesy chips for tea and my kindle beside me I got on with writing some of my blog. I decided to double check the departures board and saw that the flight to Edinburgh was on its final call. With some panicking I grabbed my bags and ran for the gate, it was at this point that I decided that I need to work on my fitness! Turned out that the gate wasn't even open yet so all that wasted energy for nothing. I decided to use this time to phone my mum and let her know I was safely back in the UK. Last call was shouted and I jumped up to the gate. The person behind the desk scanned my boarding pass and told me that this was not my flight, agghhhhhh! Panic number two within the space of half an hour ensued. The lady managed to calm me down and told me that my flight hadn't even landed yet so I was ok. I headed back to the departures lounge and saw that my proper flight was boarding. A quick shuttle train later I arrived at my gate which wasn't even boarding. I think Stanstead were struggling with the inch of snow that they had! I eventually got back to Edinburgh only an hour later than originally planned but am sure I now have a few grey hairs from all the stress of Stanstead Airport. 

Things I have learnt

  • Read the departures board correctly
  • Check directions before you leave the hostel
  • Don't be afraid to check with other people that you are on the correct train!
  • Travelling alone is an experience everyone should do
  • Its nice to have a quick break before uni starts back
  • no matter how many times you double check trains it may not be correct

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