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PhotoBlog rules

Photoblog is a shared space. So some rules are necessary to make it a pleasant experience for everybody. To sum-up below rules, Don’t pee in the pool (metaphorically)!  

  • Do not threaten, harass, or bully others.
  • You may have a difference of opinion but threats and harassments are never acceptable here.
  • Hateful speech or slurs. We believe in free speech but these silence others’ opinions and never add anything meaningful to the conversation.
  • Do not send personal messages to harass or spam others. Do not post (blog posts, comments, forum posts) ridiculing others or their opinions. Do not post private conversations/messages without the consent of the other party.
  • We support free speech, fair use, and conversations. However, hatred, bullying, or harassment towards an individual member will not be tolerated. We will evaluate all reported instances for their context and take action if needed.
  • If you are breaking any of these rules, you will be contacted via private message to inform you of the breach and to ask for an explanation. If the explanation is not satisfactory to our moderators, your account may be suspended or removed.