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Content Rules

PhotoBlog’s success as a community strongly depends on the content its members create. While we respect freedom of expression, following rules are in place to prevent low-quality content in our community.

  • Blog posts must contain a title that at least 4 characters long
  • A blog post should have at least one image
  • Adding fake tags to inflate exposure is not allowed  

We have a diverse group of members representing different age groups, ethnicities, skill levels. We would like to keep the community safe for all users. Following content are not allowed on PhotoBlog.

  • Spam ( posts or comments for the sole purpose of link building/ SEO)
  • Pure Advertising ( Photographers linking to their portfolios or business site is ok, given that they also provide value alongside such posts/comments)
  • Nudity or pornographic content of any kind is strictly prohibited
  • Argumentative, pedantic or otherwise unhelpful posts or comments

If you violate above rules, you will be given a warning first. If the offense continues your access will be revoked. We reserve the right to ban or suspend violating content/profiles without notice if we believe that is in the best interest of our community and values.